This morning Lucy and I (Becky) met up with Emilia, Aiden & Audrey at the Camas Library for a story-song-play time.  She started out a bit shy, enjoying the activities from my lap, but when the storyteller introduced a long, fun blast from a bubble machine Lucy was not shy anymore.  This is her (in stripey pants, obscured by bubbles) as she nearly barrels over other kids in her desire to catch and pop ALL the bubbles.  Shyness now over, when it came time for everyone to grab noisy shakers and dance, Lucy was a very enthusiastic dancer and shaker.  And yes, she is wearing socks with sandals.  Sometimes, I have to give in to her personal sense of style 🙂

3 thoughts on “Storytime

  1. Yea for Libraries! Storytimes are awesome. The kids are entertained and it gives a person a few minutes to find just the right books without so much “help”!

  2. Gee Lucy, Looks like your story time is kinda like our Story time… The chillins have lot of fun, and learn too….

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