Oregon City Halloween

The Jensons were kind enough to throw little bash at their place on Saturday. It wasn’t quite Halloween yet, but the kids didn’t notice. Count them: there are eight, and the oldest is 5. For eats we had witch fingers, monster mouths, mummy pizzas, and swamp creatures. Nicely done, Dorothy! After eating, the kids all made coffee-filter ghosts and decorated the house with them. Then the games began. All the kids chose a partner to wrap up like a mummy! Time to spoon up some eyeballs and (without dropping them) run a relay around the play room. We had some opportunity, so we grabbed some family portraits. Here you see Tiger Andrew (Becky’s brother), Elephant Charlotte, Winter Queen Michelle, Fairy Bride Sophie, and her Fairy Maid (and chef) Elanor. Here we have Sheriff Kevin (Becky’s brother), Deputy Erika, Pink Fairy Anika, Purple Fairy Annalyse, and Thomas the Tank Engine Aiden. The Cat in the Hat (Ken, Becky’s dad) tried very hard to rein in Thing One (Sam, Becky’s brother) and Thing Two (Grace). He was not, however, successful in the least. Finally, we have Malcolm Reynolds Ben, Kaylee Frye Becky, Princess Baby Lucy (Her Majesty), and Warrior King Will (His Royal Highness).

3 thoughts on “Oregon City Halloween

  1. All geek love to Firefly! Becky – you would make an excellent Kaylee, the girl who knows her hardware, the go-to kid supreme and Ben can certainly captain any ship I can think of – great costumes, the kids looked divine, as usual. Wonderful to see such a big extended family having fun – the future is literally growing up before our eyes!

  2. WHAT FUN!!!!! is all I can say. I am just not good with idea’s like that. Don’t know just why. But What fun…. So keep me posted, I sure like knowing how your all doing. Thanks for including me in the bldg

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