Lucy Says

At two, Lucy says the most random things.  Here are some for your amusement:

“My diaper is a house for poop!”

Grandma Pheobe: “Lucy, you are demonstrative!”
Lucy: “I not a monster!”

To Becky: “Sometime, can you give daddy a haircut?” (Note, I have never, ever cut Ben’s hair.)

“Bama Kay?  Jackson wants you to read two books.”  (Jackson is the dog.)

Walking out of Child Watch at the gym: “We need to find my credit card!!  Do daddy have my credit card?!”

Lucy (out of the blue, in growly voice): “Sometimes I do bad things, and then I BITE something!”
Becky (incredulous): “You bite something?!”
Lucy (growling): “Yeah, I bite ladybugs!”

And here’s an adorable shot of her “reading” a book about firetrucks to little Jackson:  “He want me to read to hims.”

6 thoughts on “Lucy Says

  1. Lucy
    You look like you’ve got Jackson in school. What better place for a four legged family member to be, but on a comfee bed with thier person. But don’t bite lady bugs. They are a good bug!!!!
    love your picture!!! you and Becky will have to keep Will and Daddy in line. Or is that a little of both when it comes to that.
    Enjoy the picture

  2. Oh how funny! She’s talking a lot for her little two year old age! She sounds like a character! You should write all of these down for her so that she can look back on the funny things she said. I started doing that for Kennedy when she was two because some of the things they say are just too funny!

  3. Some of those comments really make me think of her mama (which makes me cry and laugh all at once). The most memorable comment of Margaret’s (for me) was her recounting a comment she made to Sen. Mark Hatfield at some function that Chuck had brought her to…the comment was regarding the fact that Chuck had apparently just bought a condominium. Think of how she might have abbreviated condominium; I won’t post the actual abbreviation for the sake of appropriateness.

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