Open Gym Morning

Lucy and I decided to check out the Camas Community Center Open Gym this morning.  Lovely large room, some cool toys, and NO OTHER PEOPLE.  So much for wanting her to have to social time.  No matter, we can still have a great time just the two of us!  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to play with all these toys…


5 thoughts on “Open Gym Morning

  1. Good times. Looks like a great place to arrange to meet a friend for a play date. Love the photos of you two wrestling. And she looks like Meg in the photo of the tunnel.

  2. Lucy’
    That one of you in the tunnel, reminds me of our Stacy when she was your age. She was in a gymanstics class.She was in until she was in the 3rd grade.Then they didn’t have the class any more. She still likes to do that kinda stuff though. What a way to spend some special time.

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