12 Days of Christmas: First Day

My greatest memories of the Holidays revolve around a 12 Days of Christmas tradition my mother would orchestrate for us kids every year.  There was a small tree on the breakfast table and every morning for 12 days a little gift would appear for each of us.  I have decided to carry on that tradition (with a few tweaks of my own.)  Here is the set-up before anyone else got up:

Notice in the above image our Christmas “tree”.  We looped fresh evergreens around our pillars and hung all our special ornaments on it.  We think it looks great and all had a fun time decorating and hearing the stories behind the ornaments!

Today’s gifts were new pajamas for all!  (Rumor has it that Lucy was instrumental in picking my new sleep shirt out…)  The First Day got off to a great start and everyone is looking forward to the next 11!



3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: First Day

  1. What a awesome tradition. Those things are so important to pass down. I would never be that organized. I like your home. But who washes all those windows. I like your “Tree”. We have made due several yr in the past. Enjoy the season and Gods birth. I pray it’s better then last. Last Christmas had to of been hard on all.

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