“Sforts Cass!”

Lucy and I have been attending a Parent/Toddler Sports Class at the Firstenburg Community Center the last few weeks.  For our last class Ben popped by on his lunch break to take some shots for posterity.  Lucy threw some balls to “Choach Mike”.  She switched hands up a few times and hit her target 99% of the time. She’s really good at basketball and has great form. With soccer she experimented with kicking with each leg. Floor hockey wasn’t her favorite. Tee-ball was lots of fun and Lucy had great form after just one practice swing with me. She excelled at the giant building blocks, and loved showing how strong she was. Balancing is hard on a soft block, but she was able to walk all the way from one end to the other each time. Each class ended with parachute time, Lucy loved it.

Fun fact: all the other parents referred to Lucy as “The Athlete”.

2 thoughts on ““Sforts Cass!”

  1. I think Lucy and Elsie will get along very well when they are a bit older. Elsie is also very athletic and (so far) not afraid to try anything!

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