Swimming Lessons

This December, Will was enrolled in a twice-weekly swim class through our Community Center in Vancouver.  The way their program works is that from ages 4-6 there are three levels of pre-swimming classes, designed to be repeated multiple times to instill a confidence with the water and a spirit of fun before moving into technique and skill.  Will LOVED every session and can’t wait to do it all over again in March! His instructor was great with Will.

Proud to be a Salamander!

One thought on “Swimming Lessons

  1. Its really awesome to see the kids so active. I have always felt like everyone should learn to swim. It may save their life one day. Sounds like the people doing the program have the correct idea. Have fun first and like the water, then they can learn to work with it. Wish we had a program like that here. We pay big bucks for swimming lessions. But I feel it is worth evey penny. oh how I wish I could meet you guys in person.

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