First Day of Kindergarten

Will has been going to preschool at the Skinner Montessori Elementary School in Vancouver since the fall of 2009.  He has done incredibly well, and has enjoyed the routine and security during this last tumultuous year. Late in 2010, the teachers and administrators of the school got together to consider Will. They decided he was ready, and extended an invitation to start kindergarten 9 months early! We wanted to share his first day, and how proud he is. Special days demand special breakfasts. Today he got to start with a honey-vanilla steamer!

Will has since completed his first week, and he’s starting to get the hang of it. Kindergarten comes with harder work, but plenty of new privileges.

8 thoughts on “First Day of Kindergarten

  1. I enjoyed the pictures. When I think of the changes since I was a first grader, at five years old, it amazes me that I can see these pictures…they’re wonderful. They’re a pleasure. Hugs all around.GG

  2. Mom is here and enjoyed the pictures with me. We’re always excited to see your posts. Sunshine on a cloudy day. Love, Grandmother

  3. Great pictures. I especially love the last image…that’s how it feels to be the “new kid”. Hope he blends in quickly and is comfortable there!

  4. After the last year,it’s just a gift from God, along with very intentive adults watching their every action. That he and Lucy both didn’t go backwards to doing infant things!! I have seen that many a times. I am interested, though will he start first grade in the fall of 2013. In Jeffreys preschool class there is a little girl who turned 3 Dec 2010. She is just going to do 3 yrs of preschool.At least 2yrd depending. What she knows is right up there. But there are concerns social wise. Her parents don’t want her graduating from HS at 16/17 yrs. I don’t know you in person. But I am so proud of all of you!!! Becky our kids are both international adoptions. It takes someone every special to love anothers kids as thier own. Keep sending your images. I enjoy them


  6. Congrats Will!! Your second cousin Ben (in Reno) is counting the days until he starts Kindergarden. He can’t wait and is so proud that he is almost old enough to go. It must be pretty special to go a year early. Hope you enjoy every day of it. xo The Castanedas

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