First Lost Tooth

When Ben went to pick Will up from his first day of kindergarten on Monday he was met by this big holey grin!  Will had lost his very first tooth while at school.  Things were rather hectic that night, with aunt Lizzy up to play, and we completely forgot to put the tooth under his pillow.  However, Tuesday night we all read and acted out the book: Dear Tooth Fairy, The True Story of How the Tooth Fairy Came to Be, by Kath Mellentin.  Then we put his tooth in the little blue tooth purse, set out the Tooth Fairy flicker light to guide her to his pillow and went to sleep.  In the morning he was delighted to find in place of his tooth three shiny dimes!  He got to take them to school on Friday and spend them at the Student Store, where he picked out a little green race car.


One thought on “First Lost Tooth

  1. Our daughter is adopted from Bulgaria and our son from Guatemala. She is 7 yrs his senior. I remember there for a bit, he had more teeth then she. She lost her 1st tooth in 1st grade. Gee, this sure brings back the memories

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