Every night after supper we all converge in the living room for Sustained Silent Reading, where we each gather our current book(s) and sit quietly and read to the best of our abilities.  When the timer goes off, we all take turns talking about what we’ve just read.  It was a little rough when we first got started, (being quiet is hard) but now we all enjoy the time spent and it’s a wonderful way to transition into our bathtime/bedtime routines.

7 thoughts on “SSR

  1. That is such a great idea! I’ll remember this when Scarlett gets to that age. 🙂 Thanks Ben (and Becky, though I’ve never met you in person)!

  2. I’m so sorry for using your blog for my own purposes, but…

    Kathy Haynie–I am a language arts/ESL teacher and have always been interested in what a literacy coach does. Can you please email me so I can ask you a few questions about your job? I would really appreciate it.
    My email is (but I live in Portland).

  3. Our kids are 5 and 12. I had never herd of such a thing. After seeing your post. I thought why not?? We did the first night for 15 min. then talked about what we had read. Our 12 yr old was even impressed. She tells me they do that here in Thermopolis at our middle school. She was adopted from Bulgaria and we didn’t get her till she was almost 3. Needless to say she is special services and changes are will always be. But she has mastered so much and come so far. Our 5 yr old had some issues with being still. But when he got not attention for not doing what he was told. He went back to looking at his pictures. Thanks so much for telling me about this.

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