First Day of Preschool

Today we all woke up just a bit earlier than usual, since somebody had a big day ahead. Today was Lucy’s first day of preschool! She put on her uniform for the very first time and came downstairs, only to be greeted by a dad who wouldn’t put the camera down.

We arrived at Skinner, and she couldn’t wait to get started. Will finished showing her the ropes, then trotted off to his own classroom. He’s very proud of his little sister.

Lucy had an absolutely fabulous day. She was proud of everything: her owl lunchbox; sitting with the other kids in the little chairs; going down the slides; doing the frog, horsey, and fish puzzles; “writing” her name; going potty by herself; having a snack in her lunch. When Becky picked her up, she chattered about her day the whole ride home, crashed for a 3-hour nap, woke up still talking about school, and was still talking about it when I got home with Will.

Teacher Katey said that she adjusted right away, probably because we use the same words and habits at home, and with her experience at Firstenburg childwatch, she didn’t have the separation anxiety that a lot of first-day Skinner students have – she knows that she’ll be taken care of, and that it won’t be long before she’s back with the people she loves. We couldn’t have imagined a better first day.

7 thoughts on “First Day of Preschool

  1. It always helps when the kids have at least some of the same habits at home. I remember telling our son this past Sept when he started preschool. He was going on a 3 hr play date. Our daughter helped him pick out his cubby. The day our babies start preschool is just one of many “important dates” Watch out, don’t blink Ben you’ll be walking her to the ulter next thing you know. Can I ask if your Kindergarten porgram is full or part days. Ours are full. Our daughter went to a 1/2 day. I guess there are a lot of kids out there, who enter kindergarten not knowing what a book is, let alone having one ready to them. You and BEcky keep up the good work with your babies. They won’t always be babies, but they will always be your babies.

  2. Boy, I should of read that last post. I can’t type worth a darn today. Hope it wakes some since to you. Thanks again for sharing.

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