Extended Family Fun!

These kids are so lucky to have so much family within two hours that just love to spend time with them!  Grandma Phoebe let me pull a bunch of fun times from the last month off her camera and I just had to share.  We are so grateful that they get to have this much fun and are showered with this much love when we aren’t around!  (And even when we are, of course…)

(Appearing in the photos: Grandma Phoebe, Grandpa Chuck, Great-Grandma Anne, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Laney.)

4 thoughts on “Extended Family Fun!

  1. Wonderful photos. I think my favorites are the 2 kids in the box with their babies, and Lucy reading the paper with Grandma Anne. (She learned a LOT in that 1st day in preschool!) Beautiful family.

  2. Love the photos!! That tower that Will built is pretty impressive. I love the picture of Lucy with the Bears. xo Kelsey

  3. Just a awesome family. While all family is special. Gramma and Grampa time is extra special. They are talking history books. We wish every day that our two had thier grand parents around. Stacy did get to have Danny’s mom till she was in 3rd grade. I one pic showing Lucy on her red scooter really brought back memories. Stacy had a yellow one and raced every where on it. She is 12 now and it seems like only a few days ago she was flyin down the drive way. In fact she wore it out, to the point it couldn’t be used by her little brother when he came home from Guatemala. Thanks so very much for sharing.

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