Revisiting the Holidays

The Holidays were hard this year and well, really emotional.  However, there was still fun had, and there was still lots of family bonding.  I pulled some more great family moments off Phoebe’s camera from Thanksgiving through all the holiday parties up until Christmas Day.

One thought on “Revisiting the Holidays

  1. One step and one minute at a time. That first yr is hard, and it isn’t magically different from there out. But time does take away SOME of the sharpness of the pain. I am so glad everyone, not just Will and Lucy had so much love around them. I remember 2007. We lost Danny’s mom on 12-20-07. Granted she had lived a long mostly healthy life. But Stacy being in 3rd grade was ever so close to her gramma. It was hard on us all. I am guessing this yr more then others, it was good to stay busy with fun things. Thanks again for shring.

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