Beach Weekend

Last weekend Will and I headed down to Newport, OR right after school for a fun beach trip.  We got there late Friday night, checked into the Elizabeth Street Inn, and went to bed.  The next morning we enjoyed the excellent hot hotel breakfast then headed a little south to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. They were exhibiting some really amazing sculptures built entirely out of garbage found on the beaches and there was new program where divers in the shark tank interact with the audience and answer questions.  We stayed here for quite some time. We also spent a lot of time at the touch ponds. The volunteers loved answering all of his many, MANY questions.

Late lunch on the historic bayfront.  (Wish I could remember the name of the place, but it was also a market.)  Clam chowder (he LOVED), popcorn shrimp, fries.  We were happy. Then it was time to hit the beach!  It’s a little stroll from the hotel (which is right on the ocean, but cliffside, so no access.)  We chatted and skipped along. After a lovely round-about stroll home through the Nye Beach area, we turned on the fireplace, got in our pj’s, and had a cozy dinner of leftovers (along with salmon chowder, compliments of the hotel) in front of the Cartoon Channel.

Sunday morning it was back to the beach right after breakfast, this time with tools:

On the way home we stopped for lunch in Salem with Chuck & Phoebe.  Then we met up with Lucy & Ben (who were lunching in downtown Portland with an old friend) at the Zoo!  We are members (thanks Phoebe!) so even going for a couple hours is worth it. Ben & Lucy had taken the MAX train in from a park & ride, so after a great Italian dinner in the Goose Hollow area Will got to ride the train back to Ben’s car.

It was a great weekend and I was so glad to have the time to bond with Will one on one, as well as get some great family time in.

6 thoughts on “Beach Weekend

  1. Becky? I think you and Will ate at Local Ocean? One of Bill’s and my favorite, favorite places to eat in Newport! We’re sorry we didn’t get to see you both, but it sounds like you had lots of fun on your plate!

  2. It looks like you had a terrific time! I always liked the aquarium as well, and had a bit of time going through the tunnel the first time.

    I thought it was great that you and Will spent a nice weekend together bonding. I see the happiness in your faces and that makes me smile.

  3. What fun…… This is how far from your house? There is so very much learning ( and relationship building/bonding to be done.) and NONE of it can be learned from a book. I am all for hands on learning. Last may My husband and then 11 yr old daughter went for 4 days to the Denver zoo with her class. Some of these pictures remind me of the ones they brought home. What is that fish in the first one with Will made of?

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