Birthday Weekend

Becky recently turned 35. Such a momentous event should be celebrated properly, so we set aside an entire weekend for frivolity. Friday night we traveled to Salem for a different celebration, but Saturday evening we began in earnest.

First up was a Blokus party with potluck dinner. This is a long-standing tradition among this group, and there’s a trophy for the dirtiest best player! We live pretty far out, so we thought hey – a crowd! Let’s have a birthday party too! This is the most pleased-as-punch as I’ve ever seen Becky. She claims it’s because she blew out all the candles, but I’m pretty sure it’s the lemons. (Props to Kristin for the amazing kick-you-in-the-mouth lemon cake!) Of course, no birthday party is complete without someone trying to steal the limelight. This guy had the gall to claim it was his birthday too! (Happy birthday, Mike!) I dropped out of the Blokus tournament early on, the competition was pretty stiff. Here’s our newest, first-time champion, Sandy Bounds!

As is our newly-minted family tradition, everyone gets a new set of portraits on their birthday. Will and Lucy got theirs, and Sunday morning it was Becky’s turn. My lovely and talented assistant made the subject grin.

Sunday evening we held a big family gathering, with a pulled-pork burrito smorgasbord, and a tasty croquembouche for dessert. We’re finding that, when small children are around, one never wants for help opening gifts.

What an amazing weekend! Thanks to all the friends and family that made this Becky’s best birthday ever!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you did 35 right. I hope I figure out something half as cool to do for mine in a few months. I can guarantee the pictures won’t be even half as cool though. 😉


  2. Well, Happy Birthday. Who knows one day we may even met in person. I liked your pics.. Looks like you had oodles of fun. I was noticing the “happy old people. I guess I would fall in that area. I it the big 50 in Nov.

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