LegoLand! (part one)

Presidents Day Weekend was just a short time away when I realized that we had a FULL FOUR DAYS OFF with no plans.  (This rarely happens, our weekends get booked out fast.)  We did some brainstorming then jumped online and scored a great package deal with airfare, lodging and 2 days at LegoLand.  We decided not to tell the kids until the day before and we all sat together and browsed the LegoLand website and got excited!  We flew out very early Friday morning and arrived in (mostly) sunny San Diego at lunchtime.  After checking in to our hotel, we had a little lunch, ran a couple last minute errands (such as snacks, sunscreen & beach toys), and then hit the beach for the afternoon.

A little down time before heading out to dinner. (Just as we left the beach, the clouds opened and it POURED for hours.  We lucked out with our beach timing.)  Lucy fell asleep for a bit and sweet Will let her be as he commanded the cartoons.  Dinner was a lot of fun at the nearby Karl Strauss brewpub and we had enough leftovers for dinner the next day.

Up early for the hot breakfast in the hotel lobby then off to day one of LegoLand!  Here we are at the entrance, happy and energized:

Where should we go first?

This dino “egg” was full of rainwater, so they had to pose beside it.

In line for the “tour boat”.  We are next!

Enjoying the Lego scenes.


A cool, winged pedal ride around the “mountain”.

Helicopters!  The kids got to control the up and down motions:

The swinging Pirate Boat…this one made me VERY glad I had taken some Dramamine…

The kids posing with the cast of The Big Test, a hilarious and slapsticky show about fire safety:

This picture was all Lucy’s idea:

Skipper School!  These boats aren’t on any tracks, so the steering is done by the kids (we had to reach the gas pedals for them).  It was more like bumper boats, but they loved it.

Swinging with Dad while Will and I are in line nearby for the Log Ride.

And we’re off!  Will we get wet?  (Answer: yes)

Dousing the riders of the Wave Racer boats.

Will was old enough to get to drive his very own car at the Lego Raceway.  As there was no line, he got to go twice!  He even earned a “driver’s license”.  (Lucy and I were off in the huge Duplo playground.)

We were at the park from 10am to 5pm, (open to close).  It was an exhausting but AWESOME day.  We had some dinner and some quiet time in the room and the kids were both out cold by 6:30pm.  Stay tuned for Part Two!

4 thoughts on “LegoLand! (part one)

  1. AWESOME,AWESOME!!! Build those memories, even if Will and Lucy aren’t really old enough to remember all of it. It looks a lot like Knotts Berry farm in CA. or Story book Island in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Great pic. I really liked the one of Lucy sleeping next to Will. I am really kinda jeolous! I wish my two ages 5 and 12 got along a fraction that good.

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