Mommy Books

After spending several months gathering images from every source I could think of I designed a “Mommy Book” for each of the kids.  Inside is every single picture of each child with Margaret from the time she was pregnant until the very last images taken at the hospital.  They are laid out chronologically and tell a wonderful story of a loving and happy mother-child bond.  I purposefully left out any text, with the intent that each person who reads with them will be able to fill in pieces of the story.  As they get older, more details will be relevant to share as well.

The copy they are looking at with Ben in this first image is one of the paperback versions that will be kept at Phoebe and Chuck’s home.  The following two shots are of the final, hardback versions.  These books are kept on a special shelf with their other photo books and they are allowed to pull these out any time they like.  So far, lots of happy storytelling sessions and memories have been shared 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mommy Books

  1. Priceless. These will become their one of their most treasured posession through the years…proof that their mother loved them. Nice work. 🙂

  2. Becky, you are amazing!! These photo books are priceless and will be treasured all of Will and Lucy’s lives!! I am so impressed by how you and Ben respect and love the past–and yet live and love the present! Be happy together–Heaven knows you deserve each other!!

  3. Becky, this is amazing! You have completely used your talented expertise to put something together for Will and Lucy that is absolutely priceless. I always have grandiose ideas and never follow through — this is a beautiful follow-through, so it’s even more impressive to me.

  4. Truly beautiful and uplifting! They will treasure those books forever. The pictures will speak to them and find new meaning as they travel through all the stages of their lives. Good job!

  5. So often people mean to do something like this and it never happens. It is just awesome how you are not “pretending” that Margaret was never there!! That would not be fair to anyone, but easy to do. The books look much like the one I made to show the steps of our sons adoption. With our kids I am thier “Mommy”, yet the missing puzzle peice about thier birth mothers I can not add ( I do have one pix of one of them). That is something that Will and Lucy will always have. They will just simply have two mommy’s. The one that carried them, loved them and God took home way to soon, and the one who raised them. I would of never of thought not to add words. But it makes perfect since, that way each could add thier own stories and feelings of what they felt at the time. As the kids get older, they’re questions will change. There will be no words to get in the way…. By protecting Will and Lucy’s past, you have helped so much to safe guard thier future.

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