Student Showcase

A couple of weeks ago, Skinner (the kids’ school) held a student showcase. This is a chance for all the parents to come into the classroom and see what the kids have been working on. Will has been showing me something from his classroom every morning, but this was the first Becky had seen him in action in his classroom, and he had some surprises for me as well. For starters, he can read; he sped through a 16-page book in just a couple of minutes.

He also showed us the illustrated stories he’s been writing (they’re all on the same topic), and the geography boards where he pins the flags on the countries in South America:

Lucy has also made some amazing progress. She just started six weeks ago, and she was able to show us half a dozen tasks she can do on her own, some of which are far from simple. We were surprised to find out she can almost write her name:

Here she is showing us the Triangle Box. The triangular case holds four colored triangles which are made of different numbers of pieces. She carefully took all the pieces out of the box, assembled all the triangles (she loves puzzles), and very carefully put them away again. Here she’s describing her creative process to us:

It was a fascinating glimpse into the part of their lives we aren’t around for. They’re both clearly thriving, and we’re incredibly proud of them.

3 thoughts on “Student Showcase

  1. Amazing kids, we knew they were smart, this is incredible. Can’t believe how they’ve grown up since we last saw them. Anxious to be with them in the not too distant future.

  2. Everytime we crowed about how smart you kids were, my Dad would always say, “Did you think you were raising dummies?” I’m glad the kids are adjusting so very well. 🙂

  3. I am so amazed at how well they are both doing with school and with life!! Wouldn’t it be something to meet in person one day. Ben, I haven’t seen you since you wern’t much older then Will is. ( Well, Dona was 5 or 6). Kids learn so fast when they are small enough to really like school. But enjoy every minute you can. I promise, you will both blink and you’ll both be getting ready for their HS graduations.
    Un like us, I really have to look up to people who aren’t strapped into public school. There is a Chritian school here, but the cost????

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