First Race!

Ben and I are training for a half-marathon, and what better way to keep up a training regimen than by providing regular, public proof that you’re making progress?

The 13-mile run that we’re signed up for is the Foot Traffic Flat on Sauvie Island. In the meantime, we’re also running the Cinco de Mayo 10K (which is actually on Ocho de Mayo), and oh yeah, we ran in the Shamrock 5K! Here we are, waiting with 30,000 of our closest friends for the run to start:

And here we are after running 3.1 sunny miles (well, sunny for Portland in March). We posted 34:20; not our best for a 5K, but this run had hills. Let’s have a hand for Ben; this was his first race ever!

And now for some historical perspective: here I am running the Shamrock 5K in 2007. Quite a lot has changed since then; I’ve shaved 10 minutes off my time, and about 25 pounds off my frame.

3 thoughts on “First Race!

  1. Good for both of you! You look great. I’m hoping to run my first race this year – a 5K. I’ve walked a 10K and a half-marathon before, but I’ve never been a runner until this year.

  2. I think that great! I have done several 5K runs myself. Harris the company I work for do several marathon during the year. The fist several 200 Harris will paid for it. I plan to do more. One big race here is in April every year at the Melboune Art Festial 5k.I and my Sister, and brother-law do it. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy doing it.

  3. Becky I think I must of found the 25pounds you lost. Good for both of you. I’m not lazy, but even when I was younger, I couldn’t keep that us. Our daughter age 12 just loved being in cross crounty track and regular out door track. It was her first yr of either. Keep up the good excamples.

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