Getting Crafty: April

I’m starting a new tradition with the kids: engaging them in a seasonal craft project each month.  Here they are working on APRIL:

Will gets very serious about his projects.  He likes to be meticulous and precise.

Lucy adores stickers and gluing things.

They each got one half of the deck doors to decorate:

Will’s top poster says: “Welcome Spring”, the bottom: “Happy Birthday Mom”.  (Meg’s birthday is April 7th.)  His window clings also “tell a story”:

Lucy practiced “writing” everyone’s names on her posters.  She knows exactly what her words say:

Overall, it was a really fun activity and the kids loved having the freedom to decorate how they pleased within the space allowed.  I’ve been picking up random craft items for each month on clearance at the various craft stores and dollar stores in the area and tucking them away for future months.  We are all looking forward to decorating for May next!

3 thoughts on “Getting Crafty: April

  1. I distinctly remember “writing” in Lucy’s style when I was about her age. It’s never too young for little ones to begin their literacy – good for you with a new tradition!

  2. Don’t know what happened to the first one I started. But I will start again. That is amazing once again. It has amazed me to no end how important kids crafts are to them. My mom was very crafty and did many of with me. I too enjoy a crafts a great deal. We start about July and that’s what our kids use for Christmas gifts. Have you tried craft foam, pom poms. stintils, (sp), stamps?, I like that web cite to order from. Our sons preschool orders what I want. I don’t know if it will send to anyone. I do know that is another and it will send to just any one. It maybe back to basic toys I don’t remember. Also have you checked into the crafts on > They have some really good ideas there too. Something else I do with our kids. I cover the fridge and freezer. When thier areas are full. THEY get to pick what comes down for something new to go up. There are several that I like that they have choosen to take down. I put those in a computer paper box in the closet for them. They most likely won’t want them as adults. But THEY can toss them. Oh I am excited. I wish we could discuss kids crafts and ideas via our voices!!!

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