Last Summer…

Last summer, Margaret and I embarked on a huge adventure: to backpack all the way down the Oregon Coast.  It was a celebration of strength and recovery.  We didn’t finish, and the story ends in tragedy.

I’m finally ready to finish telling the story.  The first part can be found on our hiking blog.  I’ll post little snippets here when I get new posts up.  I’ve decided that Hadrian’s Wall needs to wait until I finish this story.

3 thoughts on “Last Summer…

  1. I’ve never met you in person. It’s been so long since I seen Ben i’m not sure he has a clue who I am. I just wanna say that you need healing time too. This is a great way to do it. Were you and Margaret really close?
    Sure sounds like it, if not.

  2. I live my life for stories, and treasure them above all else. “A well told story is the finest kind of truth.” I would very much (very, very much) like to know stories of Margaret as she was, as you saw her. This time of year especially belonged to her. These blogs are already such a gift so, tell on girl, tell on….

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