Mother’s Day

Today was bittersweet.  Today I missed Margaret so much.  She should have gotten this card.  She should be on the receiving end of Will and Lucy’s hugs.  This is the bitter.  That she is not here.  That sometimes I secretly feel guilty and unworthy of being their parent now.  How did I deserve them?

There is so much sweet that I have to recognize though.  I have been gifted with the joy of helping to raise two crazy and amazing little people.  This card from Lucy brought tears to my eyes.

It’s not easy.  I honestly never thought I would have kids.  My life is not what I had imagined.  It’s HARD to be a parent.  Yet each night when I go to write my one line in my happiness journal it’s almost always something about the kids.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. This brought huge alligator tears to my eyes. As hard and sad as losing their mother is, they are blessed to have you.

  2. It is HARD to be a parent, but it is the most joyful thing you will ever do. I’m so glad that you have this opportunity to experience the joys of motherhood. Margaret would be very pleased with what you are doing and is smiling down on all of you as you have become a family who loves each other dearly. So, Happy Mother’s Day! And God bless you, Becky.

  3. I know this is way past mother Day. There will be lots of bitter sweet times, as you raise “your babies.”. Both our kids are adopted, but they are very much OUR babies. Being a parent is the TUFFEST job you will ever do! You won’t always do it right. Sometimes you will feel as if your doing everything wrong. There are so many grey areas. But there are far more joys Even though our daugher was almost 3 and our son was 6 months when they came home. There are so very many times that I really honestly can’t remember them not being part of my life. You will get that way too. Just knowing Margaret from what Kay said, and from this page. She was one awesome lady. You all lost, and it still just freezes my mind at times, but I think she would be so proud of what you are doing for Will and Lucy. Not because you have to, but because you want to. I have also worked with kids enough to know that if Will and Lucy didn’t want to give you those gifts, You wouldn’t have them. Thier teachers would of found another meaningful adult for them to give them too. This will sound odd. While you will NEVER and SHOULDN’t try to replace thier momma. You are STILL very much their momma and you deserve what you got. Thier hearts and thier love. In the adoption world we tell our kids we aren’t thier birth parents but we are thier REAL parents. You aren’t not thier birth mom,but you are thier real mom. Yes, being a parent is HARD, but just from what I have learned on here. Becky your up the taks, if any one is. I could ramble on for hours. But just don’t ever feel guilty because you have Will and Lucy. Remember THEY have You!

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