French Carnival

Today marked the end of French Week at Skinner and a big carnival was held.  I did my first volunteer stint as a Skinner Parent and photographed the event.  Will and Lucy didn’t know I was going to do this and were both VERY surprised and happy to find me there.  The Primary grades went first.  Lucy did a few art projects then lost at the “duck match” before realizing that the “fishing game” was a no-risk activity.  She got in line over and over again.

Will enjoyed trying out new games, but was happiest doing crafts and just sitting and chatting with his teachers in the sun.

After the oldest kids got a chance at the games ALL the students were brought back outside to perform their French Folk Dance.  Lucy (as reported to me by her teacher) was really frustrated all week when her class routine was interrupted each day by dance practice.  She got overwhelmed by all the kids and noise, and almost had a breakdown, but Teacher Laura took her aside and they had their own little dance instead.

Each student was then given a balloon.  After singing the French National Anthem (in French, of course) they all counted to 20 (in French) and let go of the balloons!

It was a gorgeous day for a carnival and I’m happy I got to see the kids interacting and having a good time.  (Along with using my skills to donate great memories to the school.)

2 thoughts on “French Carnival

  1. Now that they know about your skills…I think you’ll be invited to attend even more activities. 😉 Nice pictures!

  2. Yap, very nice pictures. Even without that talent. From the parent of a 12 and 5 yr old. Be involved in anything school related as much as you can. Those babies get so old and they don’t want mom taggin along. Sometimes they do, but they aren’t about to amit it in front of thier friends. Both of our kids get up set when their routine is messed with no matter where they are. I think it’s worse at school, there are no parents around. I have learned the more it happens. ( up to a point) the better they adjust to it. Still we work hard at keeping the same routine here at home. Sounds like Lucy has a very experienced teacher.

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