Lucy’s Day: Children’s Museum

For Lucy’s 12th Day of Christmas gift she received a day at the Portland Children’s Museum with Ben & I.  (The 12th Day gifts were all experiences.  Ben’s is here, mine is here.  Will’s is forthcoming.)  We all had a marvelous time!  She loved all the exhibits, but it was clear that her very favorite part was getting to be an only child for awhile 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lucy’s Day: Children’s Museum

  1. There is a childrens museum in Bakersfiled that was started by the parents of a lady who wanted to be teacher and was killed at age 20 in a care wreck. We have family there, so took Stacy, who is now 12 when she was 4. It was just the most awesome place to go.

    You are so correct Becky. Kids love their sibs,and family time is important. but that one on one is so very important. In our house we have what we call “momma/Daddy time.” What happens is each kid gets to go do with Momma or Daddy ALL by them selves. Some times it’s hard to get it scheduled in. But it’s a must. If it’s no more then one gets to stay home with one parent and say do some work around the house, and the other one gets to go make the walmart run with the other parent. ( our nearest walmart is some 80 miles away one way.

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