Hadrian’s Wall: Introduction

Once upon a time, an emperor built a wall. Not just any wall, as we’ll soon see, but a magnificent barrier, a great achievement and a monument to his power. So impressive was this feat of engineering that Becky and I had to go and sit on it, and eat sandwiches.

We began our journey at the Portland airport, with the breakfast of champions.

 Yes, that’s beer. We flew to Chicago, where we had just enough time between gates to eat hot dogs; one with cheez, one with bleu cheese.

After 30 hours of travel by car, bus, airplane, subway, train, another subway, and on foot, we arrived at our room on the coast of the North Sea.

See how tired we look?

We were quite exhausted at this point, but to stave off the frightening visage of Jett Lagg, we forced ourselves to stay up until 9pm.  British food and pints at the pub, and a walk about town were just right, and it’s quite a nice place. Those ruins? They’re 800 years old.

Our exhaustion was debilitating at this point; we collapsed around 8pm and slept for 11 hours.

To be continued…


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