Dozer Day

Will had a very busy weekend; the day after his Enchanted Forest adventure, we had tickets for Dozer Day! This was our third consecutive year at this event, and it’s become something of a tradition for Will and I. He loves it, for reasons that will become clear in about 30 seconds. When you arrive, they present you with a sticker-collecting hat.

And then you wait in line for a dump truck (ahem, articulated hauler) ride:

…which is a little nerve-racking.

Once you get to the other end of the quarry, there are construction machines of various shapes and sizes, numbering in the dozens. The kids (or their parents) wait in line, climb up in the operator’s seat, and work the controls. With a little help from a trained professional.

Next year, Lucy will be old enough to go! (She was thrilled to spend two hours looking at every single item in a craft store instead. Becky was somewhat less thrilled, but humored her anyhow.)

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