Summer Birthday Party

June and July bring with them the birthdays of Will, Lucy, and Becky’s nephew Aiden. It’s a great time of year to invite all the little ones to a backyard party!



Erika and Dorothy teamed up to make super-hero costumes: each kid got a mask, cowl, and a cape to wear while flying around the yard and shooting monsters with squirt guns.


Then it was time for some lunch…


…and some more playtime!


Becky and I made the cakes. Each one is a different flavor, and they’re covered with M&Ms.


Erika also made a piñata, which the kids attacked with gusto.


Then we sat down and exchanged gifts.


Ken and Dorothy were about to leave on their grand USA Touring Adventure, so they got a gift as well: vegan brownie mix.


6 thoughts on “Summer Birthday Party

  1. WOW!! I am just a boring person. I nver have any idea’s for parties. What fun!! These are the tings none of you will ever forget!! Not only do you guys do great photos, you do great cakes too!!

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