Being 4 is Hard Work

Our kids love crafts. I’m sure they aren’t unique in this respect, but it’s still amazing to watch them engage so fully in making something. So periodically Becky will bring them activities and kits to work on when we have time.

Becky taking Lucy to a birthday party was just such an occasion. Will and I broke out a wooden kit, and he was so excited he got to work even before they left.


Once the painting was done, we had to wait for it to dry. The final assembly wasn’t until a few days later.


That’s a big grin for a 99¢ kit.


Then we had to wait for the glue to dry. Entertainment is cheap with us; I got this plane at a conference for free.


We even spotted some wildlife hiding in the grass.


2 thoughts on “Being 4 is Hard Work

  1. Yap, kids don’t understand that dollar sign at all. I still remember the fun they had with a card board box, or hiden out in the clothes basket. or a box and markers. As adults they will remember the time you and Becky gave then, not to cost of the toy. By the way on that first pix it reminded me of how you used to look when you guys would bring Dona down here and you’d be plannin out how you were gonna catch your brothers before they got around the car

    • oops, it is late. When I said I still remember the fun they had with a card board box. I was talking about our kids. our son still does at times.

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