Day at the Beach

Well, it’s kind of a beach. About a mile from our house there is a spot along the road with room to park 4 or so cars. Poke around a bit, and you’ll find a trail that leads down to a river-rock shore along the Washougal River. It’s not generally crowded, and we all love to come down here and throw rocks into the river.


Even closer to our house is our driveway. To keep these kids entertained on a hot day, all it takes is a storage container, a hose, and clothes you aren’t afraid to get wet. Jackson, you’ll notice, wisely keeps his distance.


4 thoughts on “Day at the Beach

  1. ah the memories this brings back for me with out kids. The memories it is making for both of you and your kiddos. We have one of those plastic containers that holds the gift wrap paper and bows. I used to dump all that in the middle of the bed. Then give the kids the container. ( it was long enough to lay down in. Ya have to be right there, unless they know not to turn thier face into the water and breeth.), But then the tray that holds the bows also holds sand and dirt. Of course when they were done I’d have to hose then down before they could come back in the house. The giggles with the sandy/dirty muddy hair and bodies were awesome. Like I said, enjoy them while the cost of the toys are cheap. As for the “beach” pic. Have you taught them to ship rocks yet?

  2. But what if they fill up the river with all those rocks? 🙂 Love the photo with the two ladies standing on Ben’s head–hee hee. So good to have the kids playing…so many kids are stuck in front of electronic gizmos these days. Loved Will’s grins with his craft projects, too. He’ll have a great time with the Pinewood Derby cars in Cub Scouts before long.

  3. Becky, looks like the same kind of fun we used to offer to all of you when you were kids! Glad you can pass it on to the next generation. Nothing better than a river or a creek to play around in on a summers day. Love all the pictures. I’m always amazed at how Loooong Ben’s arm is in your self-portraits! 🙂

    Oh, do you remember “painting with water”? Give each kid a bucket of water and a large-ish paintbrush, and let them paint designs on the sidewalk (or driveway) with water. Of course there’s always the water-cup battles you had in the backyard, too. Good times!

  4. I’m sooo sad. What are you guys going to do when you’re in the city and all of this wonderfulness is gone? This is real life childhood wholesomeness and fun times!

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