When Ben and the kids got home this afternoon they were all a-buzz with a secret.  A few minutes later they all got on one knee and asked: “Becky, will you marry us?”  (This photo is a dramatic re-enactment)

Of course I said yes!

This gorgeous ring is a 1 caret Kentucky blue sapphire set in white gold 🙂


11 thoughts on “Proposal!

  1. So happy for you guys! You are all very lucky to have each other. I enjoy reading your blog, although I rarely comment. But this was so exciting I had to tell you. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations to the both of you! We’re so happy for you all and wish you all the happiness in the world. Keep us informed on the big day. God bless you all!

  3. I couldn’t see how it could be anything more then just a matter of time before this took place.. What a awesome plan to keep the kids involved!! So many times that just doesn’t happen. I so enjoy reading your blog and the simple fact that you include me, even though you don’t really know me in person. I have only one question. The magical date is???? Again Congrats to all 4 four of you!!!!!

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