Playground Gym

Our birthday party policy is that when you reach your 5th birthday you get to have more than just a family party.  We held Will’s at The Playground Gym in Portland.  It was a crazy, rainy day: perfect for an active, indoor party!  The place was awesome and the Coaches created a great blend of guided activities and free-play time.  Mid-way through, we took a sugar break and I had put together a cookie-decorating activity instead of yet another cake 🙂  The kids loved it.  I have to apologize for the quality of the photos, it’s not until we arrived that we realized that the only cameras we had with us were our phones…

2 thoughts on “Playground Gym

  1. How odd, last year for Jeffrey’s 5th birthday. I made gingerbread men. Took that and tube frosting to his preschool. The plan was that the kids all made something that looked like a . skeleton since his birthday is in Oct. The frosting was all white. But the kids just had jun decorating the cookies what ever way they picked. I love our really really small town, But living in a huge place like you do sure would have advantages like awesome places to have birthday parties

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