Ben’s Birthday Fun

This year, I turned old. 32, that is. To celebrate my new eldacity, Becky spirited me off to Grants Pass, and the raging rapids of the Rogue River. It was the peak of the season, but we still managed to be the only two adventurous souls on the river.

We saw the signs for the Oregon Vortex on the way to and from our rafting trip, and were intrigued by the claims of unexplainable phenomena. After a good soaking and a meal at a greasy spoon, we got our daily dose of hooey.

Then it was off to Crater Lake. We like to make our vacation days count.

Of course, all that was just practice. My real birthday was the following Wednesday. The Entertainment Gods smiled upon us, and brought the Game On 2.0 exhibit to OMSI just in time for a night on the town. I rocked some Lemmings, lost to a button-masher at Virtua Fighter, and had a generally awesome time. It’s good to be 32.

3 thoughts on “Ben’s Birthday Fun

  1. Thanks for the pictures of Crater Lake. We didn’t make it all the way up there a week and a half ago when we were in town for Susan Dotson’s celebration of life. There wasn’t enough time and it was far more important to support family. Maybe another time. It looks breathtaking.

  2. Oh Ben!! Old at 32, I am still laughing!!!!!! There is some really beautiful area you seen. I also want to say Happy Birthday a bit late. Glad you had such a awesome time.

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