NW Trek Family Camp

Last month we had a great weekend adventure with Liz, Jeff and Laney.  We participated in a NW Trek Family Camp!  After meeting up for lunch at Burgerville we headed north.

Dinnertime after setting up camp:

The weekend included free admission to the park, so we checked out a few animals on the way to our private tram ride.

A perk: getting the last tram ride after the park has closed.  Most of the animals are active this time of day!

After sitting for an hour on the tram and learning about and spying on lots of animals it was time to get some energy out.  This means the “relay game”!

We were fed a buffet breakfast before the park opened and then got to go on a “behind-the-scenes” tour with some of the park naturalists.

Hands down, the most popular “animal” was the giant banana slug.

We had a lot of fun and got to see some great NW wildlife and learn lots!  It was an excellent adventure together.

2 thoughts on “NW Trek Family Camp

  1. What a wide range of critters they had to see. It’s kinda hard to find anything bad about doing something as a family.

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