CLASS Academy

In preparation for our move to Portland, we found the kids a new school.  CLASS Academy is an amazing Pre-k through 8th grade school.  Some selling points: Art lessons EVERY day, Gym class EVERY day, Three outdoor free-play recess times, ability-based reading and math lessons in a low-pressure setting.  And on and on.  We are so pleased and the kids are having a great time!  Next step is for our house to be ready to move into so that our commute goes from 32 miles down to 4…

3 thoughts on “CLASS Academy

  1. Such a happy duo, loved the ‘wink’ from Will in the last photo. They are growing up much too quickly. Miss you all…..the moving will be frustrating but it will be over with fairly soon….

  2. Getting red of the extra miles will give more family time too. Just more time in general.
    Kids are prutty adjusting critters. Given what they have been though in the last year and how well they are doing. They shouldn’t have a inch of trouble adjusting to a new school. It’s middle school age when the moving gets hard.( I think any way)

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