We’re Moving!


Yes, we have purchased a gorgeous 1907 home in the heart of Portland (NE to be more precise.)  There’s been a ton of painting and construction-type work going on since, so we aren’t actually moved yet, but the plan is to be able to camp there starting this Sunday night.  The move puts us at least 45 minutes closer to everyone and everything, which is just delightful.  (Thanks to Kay for taking this great pic of us.)

Here’s just how over-the-top organized I am: what you are seeing here are my line drawings of each room (that I measured), photos of each of our items of furniture and their measurements, photos on the computer of each new room, and us deciding which item goes in which room and where and what gets donated/sold.  All moved in (on paper) before we actually move in!  Ta-Da!!!

7 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. Looking forward to seeing it in the day light, without construction and painting messes all around, and WITH all of your own things artfully arranged. 🙂

  2. First of all I am SOOOOO jellous!! I feel in love with your front porch. I’ve lived in a moble home since I was 11. So the idea of a ” house house”…. At this piont in our lives I am more interested in the paid in full idea. Ours should be that way in about 8 yrs. Moving can be closure of one life and a start of a all new one. Iam so happy for all of you!!! Becky, you wanna come see me for a week and teach me how to organize. We are about 80 miles from Kay’s town. I used to be much more organized then I am now. Any more the more I try the worse it gets. Back when we had TV I watched HG/TV. I can’t wait for oodes of pictures after you get moved in., I kinda feel as if I know you and I haven’t seen Ben since he was Will’s age.

  3. Must… fight… overwhelming envy of perfect house in perfect neighborhood… ahhhhhhh – mission accomplished! Now filled with joy and happiness for you… I lived in a very small apartment in NE Portland – it was my last PDX residence before life moved me to Salem – and used to drive through YOUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD imagining living in one of those beautiful old houses… now you are there! If you ever need old house tips, my parents have been perfecting the Stewart manse (built in 1901) for the last two decades… we’ve got some wisdom on the subject. You know how to reach us. Congratulations, all over again!

  4. Can I ask what kind of repairs/remodeling need done? Hows the insulations. I suppose out in that part of the country. There’s isn’t much concern about that. Congrats again.

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