Yesterday my dad and I were out at the Washougal house packing up and loading the POD.  I had brought Jackson so he could run around the property (like he’s always done.)  At one point in the early afternoon we heard him start coughing and hacking really badly.  When he came around the corner he was coughing up a lot of blood and having a hard time breathing.  I quickly packed him up and drove the 15min to the vet where they were able to get us right in.  After vitals, they did x-rays and found his lungs were badly congested.  Then they took blood for testing.

He was preliminarily diagnosed with pneumonia, or possibly poisoning, so we were sent home after a few hours after some shots and with vitamin K, a diuretic, and antibiotics.  We spent a bad night with him coughing up huge amounts of fluid, but the blood finally stopped appearing

This morning the vet called with the news that there was indeed trace amounts of rat poison found in his blood.  His lungs were bleeding and becoming damaged.  By now he was only hacking if he moved around and the fluid was becoming less.  I cancelled my day to stay home an monitor the little guy.  He’s still really lethargic as of this evening, but can walk around a little without TOO much hacking and coughing.  When he sleeps his breathing gets easier, but then I get nervous and have to keep checking that he is still breathing.

Unless caught right after ingestion, rat poison is usually fatal to dogs.  We are so lucky that he only somehow got a trace and that we were able to be seen so soon and treated.  As of now we don’t know what the recovery timeline is.  He is still in the monitor-constantly phase.

Here’s the little guy this morning, feeling pathetic.


5 thoughts on “Jackson

  1. Oh, dear – he’s such a small doggie that I imagine he can’t tolerate much of the poison. He really needs your care and TLC. Sending good thoughts.

  2. Your poor pugly doggie!! He looks so sad and pathetic in this photo that I just want to come over there and cuddle you both. I hope that he is feeling better all the time and that he recovers fully and quickly.

  3. Poor guy!!! Its hard when our fourlegged kidddos’ are sick. They are like babies. We can’t even explain to them what happened. Hehas to know he is loved!! keep us posted. He looks in really tuff shape

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