Autumn Beach Weekend

A couple weeks ago the four of us took off to Newport for a beach weekend.  Highlights included: Oregon Coast Aquarium; the hotel pool; the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, tidepools and interpretive center; adding oil to the car; playing in the water at D River State Recreation Site; and having lunch at Kyllo’s seafood restaurant.  We had an excellent time bonding and exploring together!

3 thoughts on “Autumn Beach Weekend

  1. Tide pools are the BEST! I, too, love the jellyfish at the Aquarium. And I just want to hug those sandy little toes in the last photo. So sweet.

  2. your so right. The bonding!! But I couldn’t help but to think about all the science education that could of and most likely did come out of this weekend. I couldn’t help but to notice how Lucy was just really into that oil adding. They are always watchin and learnin even when we parents think they aren’t.. Thanks for sharing.

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