Farm Trip

October means a trip to the farm!  This year we went to Bella Organic Farm out on Sauvie Island.  It was not one of the mega-farms, but it was just big enough for our kids and we were able to do all of the activities in just a couple hours.  There was a cow train, a bouncy castle, and a hay maze for little guys.  The main activity was a sprawling corn maze (you can see it behind us in the first pic), where we followed over two miles of muddy paths collecting clues to eventually solve a barnyard mystery.  The kids then each got to pick out a pumpkin (they had to be able to carry it themselves to the car) and we headed home, muddy and happily tired.

3 thoughts on “Farm Trip

  1. What a wonderful place to visit, kids looked like they totally enjoyed all the activities and MUDDY BOOTS/PANTS is proof of how much fun it is to go on a search to find the barnyard mystery.

  2. I showed this, our two. They could relate to all the mud!!! How much fun can be put into one day???? What fun it looks like all 4 of your guys had

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