Halloween for the Grown-ups

Last weekend, while the kids were off having a fun sleepover with Aunt Liz, we were thrilled to attend a costume party in honor of a couple of good friend’s birthdays.  First up, our entry into the “gross food” potluck.  Yep, that jack-o-lantern ate something that didn’t agree with him.

I made our costumes almost 10 years ago and was excited to have a chance to show them off again!  Old Man Winter and Mother Nature: Winter were a big hit at the party…

We had a fantastic time!

2 thoughts on “Halloween for the Grown-ups

  1. What fun!! I have no talent on ideas for that. let alone how to do it. Then I will see something and wonder why I didn’t think of that, it would be so easy to do.The kids both went as clowns.

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