On a Sunday (Kid Halloween #2)

Halloween Sunday began with Ben & Lucy making us some delicious, grain-free, pumpkin-coconut muffins.

Then, Ben & Will began building my new office furniture together, while Lucy & I…

…visited a special kids salon for her first ever professional haircut!  She got to sit in a pink jeep and watch Elmo on TV.  She LOVED it and her new haircut is super easy to maintain.

Grandpa Chuck came up to spend the afternoon with us.  It began with some quiet snuggle time and a farm show.

Time to dress up again!  Our adorable Fire Fighter and Little Red Riding Hood.

Field trip to the Halloween Trail!

One thought on “On a Sunday (Kid Halloween #2)

  1. I really like Lucy’s hair cut. Takes me back to Jeffrey’s . He tried so hard to look grown up. But he looked ticked at someone. WE ( and him laugh about it now). Lucys hair does look easy to keep up. I really enjoyed seeing the kitchen. Both to see the kitchen and see all the memories being made. Takes me back to when I used to cook with my mom some 45 yrs ago.

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