Margaret’s Favorite Things

Last month we held a small gathering out at the Washougal house to remember Margaret and her favorite things.  We had a bonfire, a potluck of her favorite foods, played board games, and told stories of her amazing life.  A special thanks to Jennifer Carley for these great images from the event:

2 thoughts on “Margaret’s Favorite Things

  1. What a neat thing to do. Though I don’t really know any of you. I feel that I do just a bit though here. In my years of dealing with people I don’t how how many times I have herd the words ” we need to get togeather in year from now”. Just as often it doesn’t happen. It is such a blessing to see Margareats family being included in your lives. That is the biggest thing I see. The family of the one they lost is not by choice but are little by little if not right away NO longer included. Maybe at Christmas and birthdays at best? No doubt it was hard to do and brought the memories flooding back. I would l think tears of joy and sadness as well. I can’t say it enough with a new family formed it is a blessing to see everyone from the other family included.

    I must ask. What did you do to get Lucys hair not so curley.. Not that she wasn’t a real cutie. That just looks so much easier to care for?

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