Kid Halloween #3

For our third halloween, Will and Lucy adorned their selves with the final set of costumes: a bride, and a magician!

The party today was concerned with Aiden having survived five entire years of childhood.  There were lots of things to do at the party, and Will quickly found his favorites.

Of course, the piñata is always a huge hit (haw haw).

Apparently someone at the party was related to Bryson Andres, an amazing electric violinist. They somehow convinced him to come to the party and perform.

Then the usual kerfuffle about gifts, and edicts on exactly whom is allowed to help opening which.

Happy birthday, Aiden!

One thought on “Kid Halloween #3

  1. Looks like everyone had a lot fun to say the least..

    Please don’t think I’m being negative, but seeing Lucy in that wedding dress is scary even though I have never met her in peson. Why you ask, because you both will blink and she will be in her OWN, REAL Wedding dress!! Don’t hurry that along, it will be here long before your ready.

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