It’s a Girl!

Scout!  We had been wanting a companion for Jackson for some time now, but wanted to wait until the move was settled.  However, a friend of mine who volunteers with Pacific Pug Rescue alerted me to the arrival of a tiny 1 year old girl who would be perfect for our family.  After a bit of discussion, we decided to put in an application.  Our friend moved us quickly through the process and a week later we had adopted sweet Scout Rosie Straub!  She’s only 10 pounds and has a bit of a deformed spine, but has proven to be a delightful addition to our family.  (Although she’s a true escape artist and we’ve come to the realization that Jackson is truly the most well-behaved pug ever…)

2 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!

  1. Sounds like Jackson has his work cut out for him. He will teach scout more then you know. We adpted a 5 week old lab mix in Aug from our pound. He and Clifford our 7 yr old beagle are both very much family members. But Clifford is boss and T-Bone knows it. It looks like Scout is fitting right in to the family.

    Little by little I am getting to see parts of your awesome house. I have lived in a moble home since age 11 and I just turned 50, so I say awesome without seeing it because it’s a “house house”. What I have seen so far, my discription is correct. Thanks for sharing your new family member and the much awaited peck at the house.

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