Holiday Decorating!

First up are the windows, of course!  This is one of their favorite after-school activities.

Then comes the tree.  We spent Sunday morning making it beautiful.  As it’s such a small tree this year, we only put up ornaments that had a date and a story.  Here we are with our piles.  As we put each one on, Ben or I would tell the story or significance behind the ornament.  It was a bittersweet trip down memory lane as we also included all of the special Margaret ornaments and stories.  (The little chain on the top of the tree?  I made that in kindergarten…)

This is our Advent Calendar from Ben’s childhood.  Each morning before we head to school, we read where the little bear is looking for Christmas that day and move him there.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating!

  1. It is so important to pass those stories down. I don’t think you would want a Christmas without memories of Margaret in it. We too tell the special story of each decoration. In fact that is all we have. Some of ours were bought when my sisters were young as far back as 1933. Its just as important to pass down special things you did, like Ben’s advent calunder.
    Thanks for sharing, and as aways thanks for the peek at your new house.

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