Beach Weekend

My mother is well-known for her birthday-gift generosity. This year, she gave me a weekend getaway at the beach. Thanks, Mom! We scheduled our vacation for the middle of November, so we could celebrate her birthday in proper coastal fashion.

We dropped the kids off for an awesome weekend with their grandparents, and arrived too early for our bed-and-breakfast hosts, so our first stop was the Christmas store in Lincoln City. This is one of those places I would always dread going into when vacationing with my parents, so it was with no small amount of trepidation that we walked in. And it was fine. We unearthed all the ornaments we needed to commemorate this year on our tree.

Still too early to check in, our second stop was the beach itself. We turned the dogs loose and ran around for a bit. At this point, we had only had Scout for a week, so it was important to have some doggy bonding moments.

It was fearfully cold, and Scout’s just a wee pug. When she started shivering, I gave her a lift back to the car.

After getting settled in, we ran out for some grub and spent the evening watching awful television. The next morning, we headed out for some hiking in the hills!

It wasn’t a long hike, but it reminded us how much we missed it. Safely back in our room, we proceeded to watch more horrifyingly bad TV. That’s me in my pajamas, reading and watching the tube at the same time, with the debris of our dinner on the table. We like to keep it classy.

We gussied ourselves up and spent the evening at the casino, where Becky won us ten dollars. On our final morning in Lincoln Beach, we again took to the sand to let the dogs run.

Having checked out, and realizing we weren’t due back until mid-afternoon, we set our sights on 6 caches, and actually found five of them.

About halfway back to Salem, we discovered a seventh cache at the end of yet another beautiful hike.

This “cache” is claimed by going to the right spot and taking a picture. We found it.

It was a great and restful weekend. Thanks again, Mom!

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