Thanksgiving in Denver: Part One

For our Thanksgiving holiday this year we flew out to Denver, Colorado, to spend time with Ben’s parents: Kay & Roger (who drove down from Wyoming) and Ben’s brother: Randy, his wife: Heather, and their children: Nathan, Connor, and Katie.  We flew out on Wednesday morning.

We landed in time for a late lunch, then checked in to our hotel that was right near Randy’s house.  (It backed up to a Wal-Mart.  I’ve now been there enough times to fill my 5-year quota.)  After a little downtime in the room, we met everyone for dinner at a local mexican joint.

Thanksgiving day dawned bright and sunny, so a trip to the neighborhood park was in order!

While dinner cooked the brothers battled it out on Mario Cart and the kids played…and played…and played.

Yes, those are brussels sprouts, and YES, they are delicious.

The best part of having cousins (besides being great playmates)?  They have toys you’ve never seen before…BLISS!

They slept well that night.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Denver: Part One

  1. Your right Becky the new toys of relitives are always a neat thing, and you don’t have to figure out where to keep them. KAY and ROGER you two look GREAT!!! I like that 2nd one, the close up of Lucy, and you (Becky)and her doing some heavy duty cuddle time. I do wish I had seen that pic a few yrs earlier of the kids and the bed divider. That would of came in handly when our 2 were that little. Over all looks like a geat time was had by all. As always thanks for sharing.

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