Thanksgiving in Denver: Part Two

After Thanksgiving proper, we arranged to take everybody to the Denver Zoo!

By the time we got there, the kids were…restless.

Their spirits quickly picked up, though. This zoo is huge, and everyone was quickly engrossed.

Who’s got two thumbs and a big camera?

“Now, roar like the…sleeping tiger behind you…isn’t. Whatever, just ROAR!

A little behind-the-scenes footage from that shot:

So… Tall…

Ben took the camera and played around with a little macro work:

It was too windy for a picnic in the grass, so the back of the van had to do!

The other grownups were very generous in taking Will and Lucy for an overnighter so that we could go explore downtown Denver for the evening.  This is the only picture we took, but just know that we had an excellent, multi-location adventure!  Brewpubs, sushi, dive-bar karaoke, lots of walking around in the cold…very fun evening.

Meanwhile, the kids were having a fabulous time helping to decorate the family tree:

And listening to Uncle Randy tell a delightful story before bed:

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Denver: Part Two

  1. Our daughter went with the school on a 4 day trip, and Daddy was able to go along when she was in the 5th grade (2 yrs ago). I was there in 1993. It was nice to see what had changed and what hadn’t. I have lots of memories of eating in the back of cars of one sort or another. They are all good ones. Thanks for sharing

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