New Year’s Eve!

Our friend Rachel proclaimed the new year’s eve party at our house to have the theme of “sparkles.” Since there’s no arguing with her, we went shopping for glitter dust and hats.

Here’s Rachel and her hubby Mike, being adorable and glittery. You can’t see the sparkliness on your screen, but trust us, it’s there.

Yet again, we indulged Becky’s penchant for group-portrait-taking:

Several of us were sat upon.

Oh, we also decorated! That’s a 97¢ disco ball.

As the night wore on and the pitcher of blackberry martini grew emptier, dancing ensued. As you can see, even the camera was having trouble focusing.

No new-year’s party is complete without nearly breaking glasses with sticky fizzy stuff in them.

And then… well, see for yourself.

Good times. Thanks for coming, guys, and happy 2012!

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