December Miscellaneous Photo Roundup

More randomness from December! Interspersed with puppy stacks!

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from an engagement session.

Will likes to build things out of whatever’s at hand. Luckily we have blocks at our house so he doesn’t have to use the dogs.

Yet more behind-the-scenes action! This time from the sit-on-Santa’s-lap event at Will and Lucy’s awesome school.

We don’t go out on dates often, but when we do, we try to sit in birdcage swings.

Yet more behind-the-scenes action! This time for a lovely family’s portrait session.

Becky and I spent an entire evening building a dollhouse.

After their haircuts, we stopped at Gustav’s for dinner. The kids wanted to make sure their magna-doodle self-portraits (see the hair?) were preserved for future generations.

Becky and I discovered the joys of photo booth.

And we attended the 2011 Holiday Ale Festival! It was so packed inside I’m surprised there aren’t more people between the camera and us.

2 thoughts on “December Miscellaneous Photo Roundup

  1. Great pics of your busy lives…..Becky looked GREAT in the birdcage swing…..what did you do to my BENNY????? He looks absolutely EVIL!!!!

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