New Orleans: Part 1

Our New Orleans adventure begins before sunrise. We schlepped our luggage on a bus and a train, and got to the airport just in time for the day to greet us.

Breakfast in Seattle.

Our flight arrived in Houston, and we caught the shuttle to our hotel for the night. Why were we in Houston? Let’s just say it has to do with airline miles and expiring vouchers, and we’re always up for a road trip.

At any rate, we couldn’t pick up our rental car until the next morning, so we looked around for some local food. A 2-mile sidewalk-free hike in the dark later (Humble, TX isn’t really designed for pedestrians) we found this place.

We hiked the 2 miles back to our room and caught some needed Z’s. The next morning, after discovering that our car wouldn’t give us the key back when we turned it off at Starbucks (bleh), and after going back to the airport to exchange it, we found a road that went east and drove on it for a while. We managed to find barbecue, decent coffee, and groceries in Beaumont, but pressed on. We knew sooner or later we would see this:

…and this, my very first swamp:

The deep south has a very different history than our native northwest, so we had to stop and walk through some of it. We got to the Acadian village an hour before closing, and had the whole place to ourselves.

“Ben, hold some things!” “Um, okay. How’s this?”

They hold weddings there, but we didn’t think many people would come this far.

We turned on the (plentiful) old-school country music, and continued eastward. The full drive was only six hours, but we had lots of planned and unplanned stops. We broke down and got frog legs ‘n’ such at this tourist trap.

At long last, New Orleans! We found our lodgings in a… “salty” neighborhood, and went off to find Bourbon Street. It was freezing outside, so the party was… sort of… muted.

But we found some live music anyways. Not pictured: the dueling-piano bar where I was called out for looking like Tom Hanks.

To be continued…

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